laura garciaLaura Garcia Vitoria – Vice President, Scientific Director and Founding member of the Territories of Tomorrow Foundation -

Laura is an internationally recognized specialist in world centres of knowledge primarily dedicated to the research and support of open innovation and change, the development of new areas of innovation and places dedicated to forms of transmission, revisited knowledge and economic models based on an economy of the relationship and thus financing cooperation between these spaces. She accompanied the participants well, through synergies and networking of economic diplomacy, a kind of “ coopetition “ within the territories tomorrow.
Co-founder of RELAY , she created this Economic, Social and Environmental French organization in 2011, as its Latin American counterpart LEILAC, on which she chaired the jury in 2011. She has also received awards for educational technology and digital service territories.

nicholsonGuy NICHOLSON – Elected Councillor for the London  Borough  of Hackney -

Elected Councillor for the London Borough of Hackney, he holds the Cabinet portfolio for Regeneration and the 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Games. His role includes the strategic planning and delivery of social, economic, cultural and environmental Regeneration in Hackney and the east and north east London sub regions. His pan London roles include serving on the Boards of the Greater London Enterprise Group (GLE) and the EU Programmes (ESF and ERDF) Committee for London. In east London, he is a Board member for the 6 Host Borough Partnership, the Host Borough Joint Committee and the London Thames Gateway Development Corporation. In north east London he is a Board member for the North London Strategic Alliance and a member of the London Anglia Growth Partnership. He sits on a number of Local Government Association Boards, including the Economy & Transport Board, the European and International Board and the LGA Urban Commission steering committee.

herb kimHerb Kim – President of Thinking Digital -

Herb Kim is chief executive of Sunderland-based digital media innovator Codeworks and founder and director of north-east England’s annual Thinking Digital conference.
The Brooklyn-born Princeton graduate was described as a pivotal figure in the UK technology scene outside of London and an important conduit between regional media businesses and the US.
Codeworks, a not-for-profit digital investment company established by Kim in 2003, has so far received more than £10m in funding from regional development agency One NorthEast.
The Thinking Digital conference in Gateshead, which Kim founded in 2007, is also a not-for profit organisation, with any profits ploughed back into the region’s technology sector. It has become a fixture of the digital media calendar.
« He enables, inspires, and allows a lot of collaborative minds to get together. He is highly regarded. »
He set up Codeworks to help nurture digital media in the north-east of England and works with a wide range of partners including universities, venture capitalists, technologists and entrepreneurs in the creation and development of digital media companies.
Codeworks has stakes in companies including video games developer Eutechnyx and online video application company Videojuicer.
Based in Sunderland with an office in Newcastle, Kim was inspired to move to the region by a Geordie friend who espoused the virtues of living and working there.
Kim attended the London Business School, the Wharton School of Business and Princeton University.

kitty leeringKitty Leering – Program Director and Managing Director at PICNIC

Kitty Leering has been involved in PICNIC from its inception as crossmedia and technology event in 2006, when it hosted only a conference and specialty workshops. She has enjoyed playing an active role in its development into a festival dedicated to blurring the lines between creativity, science, technology and business in order to co-create the future.
Her roles have varied from the project management of the whole Festival in 2006 and 2007 to playing a part in programming the specials and the labs. As of 2009, she has been responsible for all of the PICNIC Festival programming.
As CEO of Dutchblend, a privately owned company, she has developed, programmed and advised professional events that are positioned on the crossroads between creativity, (media) technology, business and governance since 2006. A few such events are the SpinAwards, ICT Delta, Dutch Bloggies and TEDxWomen.
Until 2005, she worked as the Event Director Benelux for the IT-research firm IDC, building their Benelux event business from the ground up. It was through her role as Project Manager at Media Plaza (1997-2002) that she first got acquainted with the world of Internet, ICT and new media and built her firm belief in its unequivocal power to change the world.
She is an avid food lover and cook. In fact, she opened her own restaurant when she was 20. Nowadays she likes to hike through the famous wine areas in the world and throw multi-course diners for her friends.

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At 13:00,  12 entrepreneurs will play the game of the session of « pitches » to show us a concrete value creation, in various fields

> Data and web intelligence

Mathieu LlorensMathieu LLORENS – At Internet CEO -

Mathieu Llorens joined AT Internet in 2000 and now officiates as CEO. He is also Professor at the University of Bordeaux III. Mathieu has been Academic Teacher in Modern Literature and holds a Master in Information Sciences, with extensive research on the extent of the online audience. He is regularly invited in schools and trade conferences.

JP LieuxJean-Paul LIEUX – Dolist Associate Director -

Passionate about web marketing and technological innovations, Jean-Paul Lieux is a market expert in e-mail marketing and industry trends. He regularly acts as a speaker and trainer in e-mail marketing. In 2000, he actively participated in the creation of Dolist, company specialized in e-mail marketing.

Hervé-Berthou-Systonic-KeepAlert-bd1Hervé BERTHOU – Founding President of Systonic, Keep Alert and prodomain -

Hervé Berthou, 46, is one of the founders of Systonic (Electronic Direct Marketing). He has designed and taken part in numerous projects in the area of interactive media since 1985. He’s now heading the department hosting the project and launches Systonic Keep Alert (BI).

He speaks regularly on topics E-business in Bordeaux Ecole de Management, and training organizations Aquitaine. He is also Vice President of the ADEISO.

> E-selling

pierre croizetPierre CROIZET – Director and Co-founder of GMT editions -

Pierre Croizet  is director of GMT Editions, a company he co-founded. Consultant, then special assistant to the Aquintany regional tourism delegation, he was then involved, in GMT Editions, in supervising the creation of state of the art multimedia guides for new devices (PDA GPS, MP3 audio guides, guides on phone and iPod ). Pierre Croizet and GMT editions have developped packaged offers leading to dramatic growth and unbeatable success such as the Val de Garonne tourism office re-design, having brought 23,000 visitors a year to the place.

DarsouzeJerome DARSOUZE – Vice President of the eCom33 not-for-profit association -

After a first experience in marketing and communication in an agency (DDH Council), Jerome joined ACS in 1997 where he was responsible for animation programs. In 2000, he founded with two partners the KERINSIDE start-up  (supported by SOCRI, ACI, Expanso and Business Angels: € 1.2 millions), a fine success he sold in 2003.

He became a consultant in e-selling for various clients including Photoservice.com (Orange Group) which he joined in 2006 as Deputy Director in charge of Marketing and Development.

He now advises companies in their e-selling projects.

jbcJean-Benoît CHARRETON – Snapp President -

After holding various positions in sales and management in the High Tech sector (Business Objects, Keyyo), Jean-Benoit CHARRETON now runs the company Snapp, a firm dedicated to publishing mobile applications loyalty cards.

laurentbgLaurent-BOURGITTEAU GUIARD – Snapp Managing Director -

After founding the webfutur webagency, he held marketing functions within the BNP Paribas group, and  then founded the Snapp’ company where he currently holds the position of Managing Director.

> New marketings

RikRik DAMS – Co-founder and Director of Moonda -

Graduated from INSEEC Bordeaux. After an early career in advertising agencies and media channels in Germany, Rik DAMS met David Etcheverria in the Kalysto company in 1998 as product manager. Together they create MOONDA in 1999, a digital communication agency. The cross-media multidisciplinary team, is now 40 people strong, and has acquired a high profile in digital marketing and cross media communication, with clients in Europe and the USA. It has recently helped actors such as FAYAT to develop their audience and get 17,000 new commercial leads through their online platform.

Julien_ParrouJulien PARROU – CEO ConcoursMania -

Julien Parrou began his career at age 22. Passionate about free games found on packages of laundry, he created a games magazine in which he revealed the answers to the various games launched by brands.

In 1995, Julien Parrou achieved his law studies. The magazine kept growing, with a new interest from  corporations, interested in this new monitoring tool.

Over the years, his ConcoursMania company became the leading game publisher with 32 gaming sites including jeux.com 20 million visitors-strong. In 2005, the company began growing exponentially.

David-EymeDavid EYME Co-founder and associate director of Kaizen Marketing Group -

David Eymé quickly developed a taste for entrepreneurship after his studies in Sophia Antipolis and Nice. After improving his foreign language skills in Spain and in the UK, he joined a medical society to develop foreign markets.

It is finally in London where David took the plunge and decided to join daring people and start an activity which later became Kaizen Marketing Group.

David Eymé is responsible for the strategic part of Kaizen Marketing Group.

> New productivity tools

leroy fleuriotNicolas LEROY-FLEURIOT – CEO of Cheops Technology -

Nicolas Leroy Fleuriot is the CEO of Cheops Technology, an IT services company based in Bordeaux of 350 people. Specializing in IT infrastructure and outsourcing, the company has launched in 2009 a cloud offer dedicated to SME : Icod (Cheops Infrastructure On Demand). Nicolas Leroy Fleuriot had been previously one of the founders of Ares Group, another IT services company specializing in IT infrastructure.

He is also the regional delegate of Syntec Informatique.

Elie sloimElie Sloïm – Temesis President -

Specialized in quality (Bordeaux – Master in Quality – 91/92), Elijah Sloïm worked since 1999 on the quality of online services, including aspects of assessment and certification of websites. Director at Temesis, specializing in quality, compliance and accessibility of services online, he works with editors and architects of Internet and intranet sites (Société Générale, MAAF, MAIF Bank agreement, Rhône-Alpes Region, Aquitaine, E-Luxembourg, French Documentation, Schneider Electric …).

Immersion_Christophe_CHARTIER_01Christophe CHARTIER – President and co-founder of Immersion -

Autodidact and passionate about Virtual Reality, Christophe Chartier is the president and co-founder of Immersion. In 20 yeas, Immersion has become the European specialist solutions for virtual reality and immersive 3D. Acknowledged by major groups, Immersion provides them with tailored solutions. The experience and the multidisciplinary team allows Immersion to address a wide range of 3D and workflow challenges, and provide the analysis needed for installation and maintenance solutions. Immersion is delivering workflows ans solutions based on a combination of existing products on the market and specific solutions designed entirely in-house, in Bordeaux.


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